The 5 Biggest Internet of Things (IoT) Trends In 2022

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In recent times, we have seen an exponential growth in the development of Internet of Things (IoT) within a short span of time. This intensive growth has led to the establishment of connectivity between the devices to a different source like applications and sensors, different IoT elements which helps in the business process automation and also provide extensive support to human efficiencies. To gain a clear understanding on the concepts related to Internet of Things, you can enroll yourself to the IOT Training and certification program.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

Internet of Things (IoT) is referred to as a technology which represents the online ecosystems and connected devices which we share. The naming of the Internet of Things is based on the act that there was only a network of connected computers earlier. With the growth in the internet, we see that there is a high increase in connected devices. These days, we are now utilizing devices which can be connected anywhere like home, factories, offices, and stay connected.

IOT is considered as a trend which is improving and driving the datafication and digitization in many new ways. As per some of the latest surveys, it is identified that there will be at least 29 billion devices connected by the end of 2022.

There will definitely be a continuous change as the organizations and engineers are involved in developing new use cases and infrastructure accordingly. With this, the Internet of Things is considered as one of the exciting phenomena which is providing a chance for transformation for all kinds of industries. There is a rapid increase in the revenue and turns out to be $6.5 trillion by the end of the year 2024. Let us know some of the biggest Internet of Things trends in 2022.

Cyber security review and analysis

As we all know that there are many different devices being connected to the internet which indirectly means that there are many different ways in which the technologies can be hacked. We see that there is a high increase in the number of attacks that take place every year. We are uncertain about how this trend would go in the near future.

The IoT devices are capable of providing access points as our personal devices are not so secure. Earlier, computers and laptops were used to store sensitive information but now it is totally different. As IoT is made of things, it could be either small things or lighter things, which can be stolen or lost. In such cases, there is a requirement of an additional layer of security to provide protection, to avoid unauthorized users to access the sensitive data.

Some of the common attacks that take place are attempting for denial of service by sending connection requests multiple times which leads to overload. This will further lead to data exposure or simply called hijacking. Internet of Things is not just a security threat, it is used to gather data on the usage and network traffic, the connected devices will be capable of providing fuel for the algorithms which are used for predicting and preventing the cyber-attacks.

Healthcare advancements:

The last two years were definitely tough times due to the Covid situations and the healthcare industry has provided their valuable support to the humans world wide. Hence, Healthcare is considered as one of the primary industries in the IoT development.

There is a lot in healthcare like maintaining trackers in order to monitor lifestyles, monitor social distancing, telemedicine adoption, etc. Moreover, all the devices like medical equipment used for checkups such as heart rate monitors, oxygen pumps, wheelchairs and many more, which helps the doctors to gain a better understanding about the patient conditions as all these are interconnected.

The doctors will know better about the lifestyle of the patients and also help them in leading a quality life. The IoT devices that are utilized in the healthcare industry will help the professionals in the medicine to gather the data of the patients without including any risks. During the covid times, it also helps the doctors in identifying and examining the potential cases and provide the treatment based on the situations.

This is also leading to expansion of healthcare as the physical access to doctors has become more difficult in the covid times. Hence, it is possible to integrate IoT with healthcare organizations in order to provide the professionals of healthcare with the required data.

Retail Industries:

Most of the retail organizations or the retail companies are now indulged in utilizing the Internet of Things for performing inventory management which includes monitoring and tracking the equipment, maintaining quality control and performing the optimization process in the supply chain management. IOT in retail companies can be achieved through the sensors which are designed specially on the things that require to provide accurate information related to the condition of the product. This will help in the prevention of unwanted storage, help in reducing the financial loss that might occur.

The sensors are capable of enabling the producers to perform the tracking on a real time basis, giving information on how the product transportation is taking place on a timely manner, also know about the point of supply chain in which the products are present and also check for the storage conditions if they are met or not.

Hence, with the IoT in Retail industries, it will ensure to streamline all the processes beginning from the storage of the product till the final delivery of the product in an optimized form. There is one another factor in the retail industries which is influenced based on the Internet of Things i.e customer shopping experience.

The customers will be involved in shopping while the backed will be taken care of by the Internet of Things. There is a benefit for the buyers through the scanners available in the stores which will help in automatic payment processing, thus minimizing the time for the queues to clear.

There are advantages which will be experienced by the buyers through the Internet of Things. Let’s take an example of a smartphone in which updates come up with falling prices for the products that are added to the cart. The products will be represented based on the person’s interest and favoritism.

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning integration:

The results when machine learning and artificial intelligence is integrated with the Internet of Things is really impressive which is attained as predictive maintenance. This combination will definitely be the best providing the ability of predicting the machinery and leads to cost cuts and optimized productivity.

There are many advantages obtained through the integration of IoT with AI and Machine learning such as data classification nd processing, predictive maintenance, effective resource management, etc.

Support for resilient organizations

Since the past two years, we have seen many changes in the world due to the covid situations which have brought ultimate change in everyone’s life. There is an unprecedented disruption making resilience as one of the significant factors. In order to build resilient and robust organizations, Internet of Things technology has driven its way
by providing different opportunities.

This not only includes the security part but also includes and covers the provisions to ensure that the organization holds the right skills and knowledge for being capable and adaptable to the changes that take place on a real time basis. Some of the changes that took place in the past two years are remote
working (work from home). It also ensures not to make any impact with the diversified changes that happen worldwide.

There has been much impact in the past years where businesses were affected with supply chain interactions. In order to perform the logical operations, it is important that the businesses will get integrated with the IoT connections. For supply chain management, remote tracking is one of the key aspects which will provide transparency to identify and clear the disturbances that take place during the transition process.

All the data related to supply chain management will be collected and fed into the algorithms from which the key insights can be delivered. These are some of the enhancements that take place to ensure that the supply chains are efficient and robust enough which is impossible without Internet of Things usage.


I think you might have now got an idea on the 5 biggest IoT trends which make our work easier and help the business organizations to streamline the business processes efficiently. Apart from the above 5 trends, we have many other industries and businesses which have benefited with the Internet of Things.

Going further, there will be many advancements and developments which might take place and the Internet of Things will definitely be a part, leading to the increase in the demand for IoT. I hope the above information is helpful to you. All these trends will definitely make you keep ahead in your business and help you attain the business goals efficiently.

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