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What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

The Internet of things(IOT) is nothing but a network of digital interconnection between devices , people and the Internet itself that allows the exchange of data between them, allowing key information about the use and performance of devices and objects to be captured to detect patterns, make recommendations, improve efficiency and create better experiences for users.

When we talk about the internet, what we do is talk about the interconnection network between the different computers in the world. Well, the so-called Internet of things is nothing more than a digital interconnection network between devices , people and the Internet itself that allows the exchange of data between them, allowing key information about the use and performance of devices to be captured. and objects to detect patterns, make recommendations, improve efficiency, and create better experiences for users.

Internet of things or IoT is the continuous improvement of wireless technologies, the evolution that allows, through the use of analyzers with integrated sensors, the collection of essential information, using this collected data to follow an action through a network.

How the internet of things(IOT) works

IoT devices connect with a process called M2M (machine to machine, or machine to machine) in which any two devices or machines communicate with each other using any type of connectivity (which can be cable, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.) , doing its job without the need for a human to intervene. This is necessarily done with specific sensors and chips that are arranged in the devices (for example, a smartphone usually has an ambient light sensor, gyroscope, etc.).

These connected devices generate a large amount of data that reaches an IoT platform that collects, processes and analyzes said data. This information becomes relevant to the user because, thanks to it, conclusions can be drawn about their habits and preferences, as well as to make life easier for them. For example, and there is a fault with your car, you may receive a notice asking you to take it to the workshop.

IoT application areas in different sectors

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a network of interconnected everyday objects. It is a new trend that arises after the development of the Smartphone, and that affects different sectors, such as industry, health, public administration.

IoT solutions are capable of being incorporated into any area and sector, including industry 4.0 where it provides solutions focused on the following sectors:

  • Automotive and transportation
  • Energy
  • Health
  • smart manufacturing
  • farming

How does the IoT influence and why is it called that?

In our daily lives we can see a huge number of connected objects that are part of the Internet of things, and according to the Worldwide Global Data Sphere IoT Devices and Data Forecast for the year 2025 we will have around 41.6 billion connected devices. Here are some examples so you can understand the impact of this:

As advances in technology emerge and the consumption of smart devices increases, the trend towards the “Internet of Things (IoT)” is confirmed . This new trend is focused on people, processes and objects. The development of the Internet of Things requires secure M2M communication networks, to make an object smart from sensors, which collect data to process it and convert it into useful information. From the combination of devices, sensors, advanced communication networks and management platforms and processes based on Big Data that make data storage and processing possible.

  • Autonomous vehicles : There is more and more talk of cars that drive themselves without the user having to do anything other than tell them where they want to go. What is clear is that vehicles are becoming more intelligent, with a touch screen and a huge number of sensors that make life easier for the user.
    Robot vacuum cleaners : they have a large number of sensors that allow cleaning the floor of the house without colliding with anything and dodging obstacles independently.
  • Smart home : Smart home devices range from occupancy sensors that automatically turn lights on to temperature or humidity sensors that trigger other devices. Even assistants like Alexa are IoT devices.
    Where the internet of things will take on its full potential will be in automatic driving, where the different vehicles in circulation will be connected to the traffic network in real time to circulate at all times and thus avoid accidents. At the moment things are very green, but the world of intelligent automotive is growing at an exponential level year after year and there is not much left for us to have an IoT-based environment, at the moment it seems like science fiction, but we are not talking about flying cars, but of a totally viable technology.

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