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Smartphones have become an essential instrument in many aspects of our daily lives, such as: surfing the Internet, using social networks, listening to music, reading e-mails, etc.

And year after year, this number continues to increase, to the point where the market share of mobile devices has exceeded 50%. Which translates to more than half of the people on Earth using a mobile phone .

Information on Mobile Apps

An app is a software application that can be used on mobile devices, tablets and computers after it is installed. Its purpose is to help the user to do something, either professionally, for leisure or for entertainment. There are many types of apps with many features: social network apps (Instagram), apps for running (Runtastic), apps for traveling (Tripadvisor), news apps (Brand), etc.

It should be noted that an app is different from a webapp . The main difference is that a webapp cannot be installed since it is just an icon for quick access to a specific web page, almost like a desktop icon on computers.

What are mobile applications?

Mobile applications also known as mobile app is a digital tool that is designed to be used from a mobile device:

  • Smartphone
  • Electronic tablet

Mobile operating systems

In addition, we can see that the mobile operating systems with the highest market share are:

  • Android : Linux-based, free, open source, cross-platform operating system. Some of the manufacturers that use it are Samsung, Xiaomi, etc.
  • iOS : the operating system created by Apple for its mobiles.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development is the set of processes and procedures that allow the writing of software for small wireless devices, such as mobile phones or tablets, among others. First of all, to understand what mobile app development is, it is essential to have previous knowledge related to traditional software development. Without a doubt, this is where we find the foundations of mobile app development.

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