Why Shift To The VoIP Phone System?

Nowadays, many companies are choosing to shift to a VoIP phone solution

For example, a report claimed that approximately 79% of the businesses were using the VoIp system in the US in 2013, compared to 42% in 2009. This expresses that businesses are in real need of such a solution.This big change makes us ask one main question: What are the benefits of such a phone solution, so that many companies are depending on it? 

In this article we will try to answer this question by telling you more about the features of the VoIP system and other important information. 

It saves money

Many companies decided to try the VoIP phone service as it saves a lot of money. For example, VoIp systems provide unlimited local and long distance calling.

The provider will offer a fixed per service usage leading to a decrease in the costs when compared to the traditional solutions. 

Flexibility and mobility

The VoIp phone solution can be installed anyplace if you have a high-speed internet connection. So you will never face any problems when it comes to distances.

For example, if you have employees working inside the company or abroad, they will all appear to be using the same phone system.

Unified Messaging

The voice and data will be accrued over the same connection to your company and this is a good feature that will leave a positive impact on the businessFor example, any voicemails or taxes will be sent to email boxes. 

Many calling features

You will be able to see the call history such as missed, outgoing and incoming calls in case you install the VoIP phone system. Also, you will have the chance to dial from the list. Plus, directories and speed dials can be arranged for each person independently. Users will benefit from the call forwarding options. A sales will stay in touch with clients and serve them easily even when out of the company 

ِAbsence of line restrictions 

As you know the traditional lines usually have a certain limit of outgoing and incoming calls they might receive. Nowadays, things have changed with the VoIP phone system, as such resurrections are no longer found.  or example, a user controls the number of calls that might take place at the same time, or at least keep them rolling to voicemail.

This solution helps save a lot of money, as the company will never be in to oversize the number of analog lines. The VoIP phone system can handle it all!

Clearer Voice Quality

Traditional systems suffer from the problem of poor call quality, which negatively affects your business.

But the VoIP system helps in the case of a good internet service to achieve a fast and high quality connection. The customer will not complain about talking and will not face any problem such as poor sound quality or interrupted calls. 

Also, you will not experience any echo or delay in the sound. For example, the customer will not feel the presence of any sound in the background while you are working among your colleagues in the office.

VoIP systems help maintain connection quality even if you receive several calls at the same time.

How much does a VoIP phone cost? 

VoIP phone systems approximate costs between $100 and $500/extension. Moreover, some of the ongoing costs such as maintenance or service fees cost between 10 and 25 US dollars per month (per extension.)

 These were some of the many benefits you will get in case you decide to install the VoIP phone system. If you want more information about such a system, feel free to visit sipVine official website. 


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