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At present it has become very common to carry out business of all kinds without any formality. Understanding that a business is any activity, occupation or method that has the purpose of obtaining a profit. That is, to know what a business is as an economic activity that seeks to obtain profits mainly through the sale or exchange of products or services that meet the needs of customers.

What is Business

The term business can be defined as an activity that is carried out for profit or for the purpose of obtaining another series of benefits. As a general rule, this activity is associated with the production and sale of products and services. There are many types of businesses and many ways to classify them, although the most common is to differentiate the types of business.

business is determined as the transaction where two parties exchange goods with each other, this in exchange for the payment of a price imposed by the entity that offers the service, this exchange can be considered as a barter between the entrepreneur and the public that benefits.

Types of businesses

In the business area there are different types of businesses that can be developed according to the resources available and the benefits that are desired.

National or international: the business can develop its activity within the borders of a country (national) or expand its activities to several countries (international).

Physical or online: not only do they include those that have a physical or local sales structure, but also transactions and exchanges that are done online, digital business is currently booming.

According to economic activity: they can be grouped according to the economic activity they carry out
According to their legal form: Below, we describe the most common:
Individual company: self-employed entrepreneur.

  • Limited company: formed by one or more partners who contribute capital and labor.
  • Limited company: it is made up of several partners who have a share in the company.
  • Labor society: when the workers have in their possession a large part of the company.

Business plan

The Business Plan is the main planning tool when starting a business adventure, it helps increase the chances of creating a profitable business and even for already consolidated companies it becomes an instrument for growth and diversification of their main activity.

The business idea is the product or service that I want to offer to the market. The means to attract customers and thus obtain economic benefit. It constitutes the business opportunity and what, when it comes to bringing it to reality.

Contents of a Business Plan

  • Presentation of the business idea.
  • Opportunity analysis
  • Commercial Legal Plan
  • Anonymous society
  • Limited Company
  • Franchise
  • Internet business
  • Human Resources
  • Financial economic plan

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