Automatic sprinklers are a type of irrigation system that uses a network of pipes and sprinkler heads to water lawns, gardens, and other outdoor areas. They are typically used in residential, commercial, and industrial settings to ensure that outdoor areas are properly watered without requiring manual effort.

Automatic sprinkler systems are designed to be programmable, allowing users to set schedules for when and how often the sprinklers will run. They may also have features such as rain sensors, which can detect when it has rained and adjust the watering schedule accordingly. This can help to conserve water and prevent overwatering.

What are automatic sprinklers?

The automatic fire sprinkler system is made to detect smoke or fire and activate instantly reducing the flames or extinguishing them altogether. This system allows the property to be protected, in its entirety in most cases.
Everything will depend on the good maintenance of the system so that it can work in case something happens.

How Automatic Fire Sprinklers Work

  • To understand how they help us, the main thing is to understand how these automatic sprinklers or also known as fire sprinklers work.
  • Mainly, they have holes through which the water arrives and shoots out to a mechanism that turns the jet into a rain that covers a much larger area, so that it can put out the fire.

how do these sprinklers know there’s a fire?

  • Through a liquid that when there are high temperatures, starts to boil and breaks a plug so that the pressurized water comes out and extinguishes what is ahead.
  • On the other hand, they are also accompanied by pipes and a pressure system that carries the water to where the automatic water sprinklers are.
  • The automatic sprinkler system works like a fire detector, so it would be the first mechanism activated.
  • Once activated, there is a pressurized hydraulic network that sends the water to the sprinklers.
  • Then it starts to discharge water once it is activated by the flames or smoke, in this step it works as a fire extinguisher.
  • Once the first sprinkler is activated and the fire is still detected, then the rest of the sprinklers will begin to open in a chain effect, until the fire is extinguished.
  • It is difficult for all the sprinklers to be activated, since the game is normally controlled with the first one, but it can come to that.

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Fire sprinklers

sprinklers are one of the oldest systems to protect buildings against flames. As we have already mentioned, they are intended and designed to detect the start of a fire within the facilities and these can be extinguished or reduced to finish extinguishing the fire with other systems.

They are used for most buildings except when water is not the best option to put out a fire, which happens on rare occasions, for example, in places where there may be liquids or substances that, when in contact with the fire, the water could only make it worse.

In cases where water does not come in handy, other methods are used, such as fire extinguishers.
As you can see, they also have a simple mechanism, a network with pressurized water and fire sprinklers that are activated by signs of fire.

This piped water network is normally through the ceiling to the rooms where the sprinklers are, it must be pressurized so that it reaches any corner in abundance and with force.

How do automatic sprinklers help us in a fire situation?

When it comes to fires there are systems that are more efficient than others. For example, a fire extinguisher requires you to walk up to it and activate it in order to put out a fire. In contrast, automatic sprinklers are much more efficient when activated automatically.

Where are fire sprinklers usually installed?

They are normally installed in buildings and all kinds of places where there is highly flammable material or places with fire risk.

What are the types of fire sprinklers?

There are two main types of automatic sprinklers: spray sprinklers and rotor sprinklers. Spray sprinklers are designed to water small to medium-sized areas and emit a fine mist of water over a specific area. Rotor sprinklers, on the other hand, are designed to water larger areas and rotate in a circular pattern to cover a wide area.

In addition to being convenient, automatic sprinklers can also provide a number of benefits. They can help to keep lawns and gardens healthy and green, and they can also help to conserve water by ensuring that it is distributed evenly and efficiently. Automatic sprinklers can also help to increase property values, as they can improve the overall appearance and health of outdoor areas.

There are different options, such as powder sprays or pressurized water sprays, which are usually the best known.
The type of sprinkler used will depend on the furniture or material that the place has.

For example, if it were a museum, then the water sprayer would be the better choice than the powder sprayer.
You can also find two other types of fire sprinkler systems that are dry or wet pipe:

  • Wet pipe sprinklers: This is the one that carries pressurized water to the rooms.
  • Dry pipe sprinklers: This type of sprinkler is recommended for sites where it is so cold that the water is very likely to freeze, so the main components are air and nitrogen.

What advantages do fire water sprinklers have?

  • Not only will they help control the fire immediately, but they also alert people nearby that it exists.
  • It does not matter if the temperature is very high or there is a lot of smoke, the sprinklers will always work. Something that the fire department of your city could not do, since the more smoke and the more heat it becomes more dangerous.
  • It not only prevents human losses, it also preserves the material.
  • A sprinkler does much less damage than fire hoses, plus firefighters in most cases do not have to intervene, since sprinklers do the job on time.

High Effectiveness with Fire Sprinklers

In this case the records tell us that up to 98% of the fires that have taken place in sprinkler facilities have been controlled and reduced without a human being on site to deal with the matter.
These systems are also accompanied by alarms that notify firefighters of the fire, which adds another level of security as firefighters will be able to assist in the event that the sprinklers do not put out the fire completely.

However, automatic sprinkler systems do require regular maintenance, including periodic inspections, repairs, and adjustments. It’s important to ensure that sprinkler heads are properly aligned and not blocked, and that the system is functioning properly to avoid wasting water or causing damage to surrounding areas.

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