Things You Should Know Before Choosing B des in graphic design Course

Graphic design, also known as communication design, is the practice of projecting ideas with visual or textual content, according to the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA). In layman’s terms, it is the art of communicating specific ideas visually. These visuals could be in the form of website design, brand logo, print design, environmental design, publishing design, animation design, and page layouts.

Graphic designers are also regarded as visual communicators. These professionals bring visual concepts, ideas, or experiences to life. Individuals full of imagination with a creative attitude must opt for B Des in graphic design if they aspire to turn ideas into reality. Many top-ranked universities in India offer various customisation options and diversification to allow students to effectively learn all the aspects of Graphic Designing at their own pace.

Students who want to understand every facet of graphic design and its patterns can explore top-notch universities in Uttarakhand’s Dehradun for a high-quality learning experience at an affordable price.

This blog will delve into what you must know before opting for a bachelor’s course in graphic design. Check them out!

B Design course details

Bachelor of Design is a four-year undergraduate programme in graphic and communication design. The course equips students with image design, typography, layout design, branding, web-based design, photography, and other critical relevant skills. The course is tailored to provide skills and knowledge in design.

During the course, students will gain acumen in typography, UI/UX design solutions, Corel Draw, illustrator, photoshop, InDesign, JavaScript, graphic designing software, graphic designing tools, image layouts and effects, and developing designs. It also helps understand core values, the latest trends, and discipline challenges. From billboards to mobile applications, graphic designing is imperative in every field that requires visual representation of ideas.

B Design entry requirements

B Design course at any college/university in India requires students to fulfil a set of requirements. Candidates must have passed 10+2 from a recognised college/board. They must have scored a minimum of 50 per cent marks at Higher and Senior Secondary Levels. Many universities conduct entrance examinations to admit students, such as UPES DAT, AIEED, NIFT, or IIAD Entrance Exam.

Scope and opportunities

There are tremendous opportunities for individuals who wish to explore visualising and designing options in the design world. With a B Design course, an individual can find a multitude of career options in a spectrum of industries. Design is a broad field and covers the entire creative sector. An individual with a B Design degree can play lucrative roles in marketing firms, production houses, branding agencies, communication companies, publishing houses, and advertising agencies.

Studying B Des in graphic design will brush up your design skills. The course also effectively fosters new talent into creative leaders in the design world. Moreover, graphic design is a booming creative industry with ample job opportunities. Interested students can browse top-ranked universities for well-informed decision-making.


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