How to configure reinforce privacy in WhatsApp to protect the personal information

Reinforce privacy is recommended to configure the privacy options of the application to protect the personal information of the profile. Although WhatsApp’s default settings allow you to share information with anyone who has your phone number, you can prevent this by setting your privacy options. Here we list certain changes you can make.

Photo and other information of your profile

If the default WhatsApp settings are not changed, any user will see the photo, profile information and the last time they were connected. If you only want certain people to see that information, you can change your privacy options: all users, saved contacts, or no one. It is recommended that only contacts can access profile information.

read confirmation

This tool allows other users to know if you have read their messages and is activated by default. If it is disabled, you will also not be able to see if other people have read your messages. Even so, it is advised to disable it in certain situations.


WhatsApp states allow you to post videos, images or text, which are deleted 24 hours after uploading them. All your contacts can see them by default. It is possible to restrict or select who can see the statuses in the settings.


Any user can include you in a WhatsApp group just by having your phone number. You can leave and delete a group whenever you want, but you can avoid it by indicating who can or cannot include you in groups from the privacy settings. In addition, WhatsApp also allows you to report a group if you consider that they are sharing inappropriate content or spam.

Block and report other users

It is possible to block another user if you think they are bothering you. Consequently, he will not be able to write to you, call you, or see your status. You will also not see the last time you were connected or when you are online. However, you will still be able to receive messages if you are in a common group.

It can also be useful to report another user if you think they are sending problematic content or spam, so that WhatsApp considers suspending their account. WhatsApp’s terms of service include certain prohibited activities such as sharing obscene, threatening or offensive content.

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