How To Make Windows 11 PC Run Faster- 6 Ways

Windows 11 has become the second most popular version of Microsoft Windows in a very short time. It has some advanced features built with advanced technology.

Besides having advanced technology it could still slow down over time. If you are one of those Windows 11 users who are suffering from a slow Windows 11 PC then you have landed at the right place.

In this article, I am going to describe 11 tips and tricks to make your Windows 11 PC run faster. The tricks I am going to explain are very easy to perform and don’t require any technical expertise.

Even a novice user can make his/her PC faster without spending any money. So, without wasting more time, let me take you the tips and tricks.

11 Ways to Make your Windows 6 Run Faster

1. Disable Startup Programs

When you start your Windows computer then you might have noticed that there are some programs that launch automatically. These are called startup programs.

If there are too many startup programs on your PC then it makes the boot time longer. So, to speed up the boot time on Windows 11, you need to disable these programs at the startup.

Follow these steps to disable the startup programs:

Step 1: Press ctrl+alt+delete at once with your keyboard.

Step 2: Now the screen will turn blue and you will see multiple options. Here, click on “Task Manager”.

Step 3: Now your PC will start the task manager application. Here go to the “Startup” tab.

Step 4: In the startup tab you will notice that there is a column for “Status”. In this column, you will see the status of every program for startup i.e. Enabled/Disabled.

All the programs mentioned as “Enabled” are the ones that launch automatically at the startup. Now right-click on a program that you don’t need at the startup and click “Disable”.

This way you can disable all the programs that you don’t need at the startup. Disabling startup items will make your Windows 11 run faster.

Author’s Tip: The only programs that you need at the startup are from Microsoft Corporation and the programs from the developer of your processor i.e. Intel.

You should also keep your antivirus program enabled.

2. Choose a Different Power Mode

Windows has different power modes that considerably impact your PC performance. To change the power mode follow these steps-

Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power and Options

Now, on this screen, you need to choose “Balanced” mode if not chosen already. On my PC it is already chosen as Balanced as shown in the screenshot. If you are running your computer in the Balanced or High-Performance mode then it will make your Windows 11 run faster.

3. Remove Redundant Programs

There are some programs on your computer that you might have installed in the past but now they are not useful to you. For example, you downloaded a game long ago, but now you hardly play it.

You need to uninstall these programs to make space on your computer.

Follow these steps to uninstall a program on Windows 11:

 Step 1: Go the the “Control Panel”. (Search the control panel in the start menu and click on the first result)

Step 2: Here click on “Uninstall a Program”. Now you will see the list of programs installed on your computer.

Step 3: Now click on a program that you don’t need.

Step 4: Now you will notice that as soon as you clicked on a program, there will appear an option to “Uninstall/Change” in the gray bar.

Click on the “Uninstall” option and a small pop-up will appear to confirm the uninstallation. Click yes in this confirmation window.

That is all you have successfully uninstalled a program. You can repeat this process for all the programs that you don’t need.

4. Change your Antivirus Program

If you are using an antivirus program on your computer make sure that it is not hogging up your resources. Most antivirus programs come with advanced features which need a good amount of RAM and other system resources.

So, your antivirus should be lightweight otherwise it will drain your system resources.

5. Use VPN for Faster Connections

If your PC is working fine but the internet is slow then you can use a VPN app for your PC. These apps will allow you to connect to the fastest server and increase the speed of download and upload.

VPN software will also provide you with security against multiple online threats. Because they will make you untraceable to cybercriminals. Also, there are some VPN software available that contain advanced security features like phishing protection, parental control, block inappropriate websites.

Author’s Tip: Choose a VPN that has the features of antivirus so, you will get two programs at the price of one. Running one tool instead two will also save your system resources.

6. Free Up Storage Space

If the drives in your computer don’t have space then it will slow your PC down. You need to free up some storage space in order to make your Windows 11 run faster. You must be thinking that all the files on your computer are important to you and you can’t delete them but you are wrong. There are always opportunities to delete files and make some space.

What are the simplest ways to free up disk space?

I am going to tell you the easiest ways to free up disk space on your computer-

1.    Delete Temporary Files

Your PC stores temporary files that are completely redundant and deleting them won’t cause any harm.

Follow these steps to delete temporary files on your computer-

Step 1: Go to My computer/This PC and right-click on the C drive.

Step 2: Now click on “Properties” and a small window will appear.

Step 3: In this window click on “Disk Cleanup”.

Step 4: After this, a new window of similar size will open. Here check mark all the boxes.

Step 5: Click “Ok” and a small pop-up will appear. Click on “Delete Files”. (It will delete all the files that you check-marked)

Now All the checked files will be deleted and make some space on your PC.

2.    Empty Recycle Bin

Whenever you delete some file on your computer it goes to your recycle bin. Recycle bin is stored under your ”C” drive, so whenever you delete something on one drive it takes up space in the “C” drive.

To permanently delete a file you need to press Shift+delete, otherwise, you will have to delete the file from recycle bin.

How to clear your Recycle Bin?

Right-click on the recycle bing icon and click “Empty recycle bin


3.    Delete Duplicate Files

There are hundreds of duplicate files on your PC that you are unaware of. It is next to impossible to find every duplicate file and delete them manually.

To complete this task, you can take the help of a free duplicate finder software. You can use “DupeGuru” which is a free and open-source software to automatically find and delete duplicate files.


So, these are the easiest tips to make your Windows 11 PC run faster. Most of the tips and tricks don’t require any third-party tools. Even if you apply the manual steps it will considerably speed up your Windows 11 computer.

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