5 Ways to Be More Productive on Mac

Being productive is not about how you optimize or manage your Mac however it’s all about how you focus on your tasks. Mac organization tips can really help you boost your productivity however focus is something that you need to dwell within. There are a few productive apps for Mac that can help you focus on your tasks and keep other distractions aside. Here are the best Mac productivity tips to boost your productivity and stay focused.

Try Focus Mode

Focus mode was introduced with MacOS Mojave to improve your focus on what you are doing and keep distractions aside. You can set up and configure the Focus settings to allow limited notifications and messages when you are at work.


While keeping Focus assistant ON, you need to keep in mind that the Focus mode will be mirrored to your other apple devices like iPhone or iPad. If you enable the Focus feature, ensure to disable it on weekends or enable it only when you really want to be productive.

Configure Keyboard Shortcuts

Chasing a mouse trail or hovering the pointer every time can slow down the process. If you remember basic shortcuts, every command is just a span away. Using keyboard shortcuts is a professional way to save time and flaunt your computing skills.


It may not be easy for you to remember all the keyboard shortcuts on Mac. You can just get hold of the most important keyboard shortcuts for being productive. You can try to start with the keyboard shortcuts of the basic office tools and G-suit. You can customize keyboard shortcuts using System Preferences followed by Keyboard and Modify Keys option.

Keep Your Desktop Organized

This is probably one of the important Mac productivity tips that you can keep in mind. A cluttered Mac desktop makes it difficult to find and access important documents. If you can manage folders on your desktop, it’s still better than managing a lot of icons on your desktop. It looks messy and hard to find what we’re actually looking for.

You can drag and drop files to home folders and manage your icons. don’t pin a lot of apps on the Dock as it will slow down the boot time and the performance of the Mac. A cluttered desktop may trouble you with performance issues. Use quick search instead of pinning apps on the Dock. If you save anything to your desktop, ensure it is saved temporarily there.

Manage A To-Do List

Remembering things and keeping the priority tasks on top can be a little difficult at times. If you face trouble remembering tasks, prioritize them and create a full-screen To-Do List. The Mac calendar can help you manage and organize your daily, weekly, or monthly tasks with alarms and notifications.


A better organizer or planner can ease up your work by being a personal assistant to your tasks. A business professional can never afford to miss any task or a meeting with deadlines. You can sync this calendar to your iPhone or Google Calendar to use it anywhere on any device.

Use the Best Productive Apps for Mac

The Best Productivity Apps can ensure that your Mac is properly managed, organized, and optimized to deliver the best performance. Now you never need to sit in front of a spinning wheel and wait for its response. There are dozens of productivity apps we reviewed and listed the best one to use in 2023.


Disk Clean Pro is one of the Best Mac Optimizers that you can use to keep your Mac productive. It can quickly clean junk, old logs, temp files, crash reports, duplicate files, duplicate photos, old and unused files, large files, movies, old downloads, internet browsing cookies, and other miscellaneous files. You can boost startup speed and declutter your Mac to keep it as good as new.

Other Mac Productivity Tips

  1. There are several other ways to enhance your productivity on Mac depending on the nature of the task at hand. You can use the Mission Control feature to organize multiple windows and their aspect ratio. It becomes easy to switch between different windows and tasks.
  2. Try and minimize Startup items to enhance the boot time on your Mac.
  3. Use Spotlight to find files or access apps instead of using the Dock or Finder.
  4. Close unwanted and redundant apps instead of keeping them open on the Dock.
  5. Use a dual-screen monitor to manage to multitask and keep multiple windows open.
  6. Keep an eye on the battery meter to never miss out on the last minute on the last slide.
  7. Keep the most frequently used items on iCloud to access them anytime anywhere.
  8. Use the Preview panel to quickly preview files instead of getting into every file.
  9. Use Time Machine Backup to keep your files and folders safe and organized.
  10. Ensure all the Apps are up to date including the MacOS latest updates.

Final Words

This article on ways to be more productive on Mac has the best Mac productivity tips that you can follow. You can boost your productivity by implementing these Mac organization tips. Keeping your Mac clutter-free is a great solution to be productive and focused while working on your Mac. If you are a pro user, you can make the most out of productive apps for Mac.

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