Best Charter Spectrum Internet, Phone, and TV Bundle Deals in 2021

With the rising cost of internet and TV services, it is getting hard for many customers to pay the monthly charges every month. So, what they are doing to decrease these charges is that they are switching providers and looking for better options that can offer them better services for lower monthly charges, or the same services at the very least. Moreover, they are looking for better internet plans and bundle deals so they can get everything from one place instead of having different providers for every service.

And when it comes to offering discounts, Charter Spectrum is an internet service provider that is known for offering amazing deals for its internet, TV, and phone bundles. Customers get additional discounts when they sign up for the whole deal, or they also get 12 months of promotional pricing for when they sign up for internet services only. These plans come without any service contracts so the customers are not bound to stay with the same service provider for a specific period. That also gives them the option to cancel and switch if they feel like the prices are not affordable for them.

Spectrum Internet, Phone, and TV Bundle Deals

In terms of bundles, Spectrum has a lot to offer for customers looking for internet, TV, and phone services. Mainly there are three bundle deals offered by Spectrum that include Triple Play Select, Triple Play Silver, Triple Play Gold. However, with all these deals Charter Spectrum internet plan speed is up to 200 Mbps. If any customer is interested in getting a higher speed than that, they would have to pay an additional cost as per the speed that they will choose. Let’s have a quick look at these best Charter Spectrum Internet, TV, and phone bundles and see which one goes well with your needs.

  1. Spectrum Triple Play Select

Triple Play Select is a combination of Spectrum Standard Internet, unlimited home phone, and TV Select plan. Through that, customers will be able to get more than 125 channels that will include names such as FOX, HGTV, ESPN, Hallmark, ABC, Cartoon Network, and CNN. Besides these TV channels, customers will get a download speed of up to 200 Mbps for internet services. This plan also includes a home phone that is the Spectrum standard unlimited calling home phone plan which offers calling to all over the states including Mexico, Canada, and many more.

Along with these main services, additional plan perks include Spectrum TV app, internet modem (WIFI router is not included), unlimited data for downloading, browsing, and streaming, option to watch on-demand choices, and a free anti-virus for internet security. With everything included, this plan costs $99.97 per month for all three services. Keep in mind that this price does not include any equipment charges such as a Wi-Fi router or TV box charges and the TV broadcast fee which is about $16 per month.

This plan is a suitable choice for those customers who are interested in getting all three services, have a solid internet speed for their family usage, and a good number of channels, without paying a huge monthly amount.

  1. Triple Play Silver

Triple Play Silver offers a standard internet speed of up to 200 Mbps combined with TV Silver and an unlimited phone. Through this plan, customers will get more than 175 channels that also include premium names such as HBO, Showtime, NFL along with channels such as LMN, HGTV, Fox Sports 1 and 2, ESPN, Disney, and many more. Just like Triple Play Select, this plan also includes the unlimited home phone service that offers nationwide calling options along with many call features such as Call Blocking, Call Forwarding, Three-Way Calling, and much more.

This plan costs $119.97 per month for the whole bundle where the price is good for 12 months unless you get a special deal with more than 12 months’ price lock (these deals are offered by Spectrum in specific areas to promote their services). Moreover, the TV broadcast fee is not included in this price, and equipment charges are also going to be on top. Triple Play Silver is a suitable plan for those customers who are looking for premium TV channels as well along with the regular channel lineup.

  1. Triple Play Gold

Triple Play Gold offers the TV Gold plan along with Standard Internet and Unlimited Phone. Through that plan, customers get an extensive channel line up with more than 200 channels which include premium names such as TMC, Starz, Showtime, HBO along with free HBO Max, Disney Juniors, LMN, NFL, MLB, and many others. Moreover, there are many other channels such as Hallmark, Fox, CNN, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, The Fashion TV, Cooking Channel, Food Network, and hundreds of other channels.

If your priority is to get the maximum number of channels including premium channels, there is no better plan with Spectrum than this one. You will also have to option to upgrade your internet speed and customize the bundle as per your choice. This plan is going to cost $144.97 per month.

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