5 Alternatives to TeamViewer

Remotely controlling one’s PC is quite a blessing in today’s fast-paced era. From the comfort of your home, you can access your office computer and complete pending tasks. Similarly, one’s IT team can access the PC of an employee to resolve issues remotely. PC remote access helps boost teamwork during difficult times such as the…

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Every year the requirements for education change, new tools and techniques appear, and the old principles cease to work. What interesting will happen in 2020? Will there be a technological replacement for desks, boards and teachers? Our company experts, using the example of foreign training, examined which areas will develop in the new year. What is meant by…

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social media

Top Most Social Media apps

Trendy social media apps such as Instagram and Snapchat are undeniably popular and overwhelm social media apps with mobile apps. This is something that even social networking sites couldn’t deliver. But when we look at the brand names, the atmosphere is a little bit unique. For starters, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have closed their horns…

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