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Maxims to Find and Delete Duplicate Music in iTunes

It is hard to imagine a day without music. Music has been a pivotal part of our lives- right from snoozing alarms, commute, office toils to the evening wind-ups. Digital music is exploding and coming from the pioneers’ tables. iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify- to name a few.

Now that you are gathering the music collection for a long time, it takes a toll on Mac. Imagining the number of duplicate songs in your collection is ever-building. The work isn’t one day’s work; it happens over time- the one you haven’t been noticing. The digital copies and other files from streaming apps are taking a dig at the storage space of your computer. Thus, for clean and speedy Mac’s sake, knowing ways to remove duplicates in iTunes has become the need of the hour. And, what’s better than reading onto a quick guide.

Tip of the Day: It is always a good idea to create backups of your music before embarking upon the journey of trashing duplicates. Tech giants recommend this so that you can restore the track from the iTunes Library Backup Source if that wasn’t a duplicate file.

 Find Duplicate Songs in your iTunes Library:

 Ensure being in the right viewing mode for seeing all the songs in the music library, which also includes duplicates. Now that you’re paving a path to find and remove them following some steps will do that. All you’ve to do is:

  • Open iTunes and find your way to the Library Pane.
  • The top-left corner of the screen shows a drop-down menu; select music from therein.
  • Under the library section, select songs visible in the Music sidebar.
  • The top-menu bar shows files; select one from there. Click on Library> Show Duplicate Items.
  • You’ll now be able to see some iTunes tracks, which you can identify as duplicates. Scroll down the list to locate the tracks you no longer want, and delete them.

The iTunes Library may list covers, live versions, remixes, and compilation tracks in the list of Duplicate items. You may find some songs with the same title, but they might not have duplicates.

 Ways of Finding Exact Duplicates:

 If you have an iPhone/ Mac for a long time, chances are you have a large library. You may be looking for the exact results. Searching iTunes you’ll find that you have a hidden feature for searching the exact duplicates of a song. The feature listed above works best for people with a large library. Also, ensure that you aren’t deleting songs with the same names but different versions. This option is desirable for compilation albums from holding intact duplicates. All you’ve to do is:

  • Select the file from the menu bar by holding the option key. Go to the Library section and click on show duplicate items.
  • The windows version of iTunes also lets you do that. Hold the SHIFT key, and click on View from the Menu Bar. Clicking you’ll be able to Show the Exact Duplicate Item

 Key Takeaways:

 The experts suggest being cautious while changing information because the mess you create will make it difficult for you to sort things later. The track numbers are also annoying since you cannot edit them later. Think to edit the track numbers one-on-one, if you are running out of place. The process can be daunting and time-consuming, but the struggle is worth it.

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